Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guest Post - Grandson's Green Grape-of-My-Eye Pie

At the Pi(e) Day Party earlier this year, I sent each of the past years' pie recipients home with an empty pie box and small tag reading, "It's true what they say - it is infinitely better to give than to receive. That's why I'm passing the rolling pin to you. Here is an empty box, just waiting to be filled with your homemade creation and gifted to someone you love. And if you're up for documenting your baking endeavors, I'd love to share your story on the blog! So pie it forward. It's your turn to "Bake Somebody (else) Happy." 

But, I was completely caught off guard when my father in law phoned to ask if he might be able to drop off a pie for my oldest son, Wilson! I am honored and humbled to be able to share Kent's story today in another Bake Somebody Happy guest post.

Wilson's sparkling grinning eyes were his grandpa's joyful prize.
He literally gasped at the amount of freshly harvested grapes proudly displayed on grandpa's kitchen counter. "That's a lot of grapes," he beamed, smiling in anticipation.

Several rapid heartbeats later, it was decided. This boy needs a Green Grape-of-My-Eye Pie. Call it a celebration of his starting school next week...or an appreciation of a baby boy who has grown with guidance from loving, nurturing parents into a delightful and earnest young person.
Years pass so quickly. Moments ago, it seems, a proud and frightened new father appeared at the waiting room door to announce Wilson's arrival. Since then, it's been a five-year blur of diapers and trains, first tooth and trains, lost teeth and trains, family outings and trains, a new brother and trains, birthday parties and trains, babysitting and trains, beach vacations and trains...and trains.
And now his journey takes him to school. Don't cry (too much) Mommy.
Wilson, you are a precious fresh bundle of life that brings happiness to all who cross your path. You are a special gift that keeps on giving, and your grandma and I love you dearly. We hope you enjoy your Green Grape-of-My-Eye Pie.

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